About Us

What is Blackspy Marketing?

Blackspy Marketing is designed to accommodate artists, venues, festivals and events with a full service street team and grassroots marketing campaign. With strategy, we design a creative and unique approach to brand your event.  Full service campaigns include initial designing, printing, and distribution of promotional material to interactive and social media in the digital realm. We have become a positive force in the industry by mastering the basics of marketing support for current and future touring schedules, as well as the comprehension that our community holds the future of marketing tactics.

Does Blackspy Marketing promote bands outside their immediate family of artists?

Blackspy Marketing promotes bands and artists to the fullest extent. We are extremely selective with what acts we take on, however, when we take on a project we give it the full attention it deserves. Our services include but are not limited to: hanging posters at high traffic locations, passing out flyers at like minded shows, interactive and social media campaigns and corresponding with venue marketing contacts. We implement various promotional strategies and will customize a package to best suit your needs. If you want to get the word out, we know how to do it.

Why would a band or venue want Blackspy Marketing to work their show?

Once we work with a band or artist we promote the show unlike the venues they play. We’re familiar with our clients and markets, which allows us to promote in a manner that will truly benefit. We have a 1000+ person street team in essentially every touring market the country has to offer. We will advertise the band through all of the appropriate mediums, and interact with an ever-growing network on Facebook and Twitter. We have street teamers at target concerts leading up to your show to distribute handbills, create personal interactions and help get your name and music out to as many people as possible. The main goal, besides catapulting artists to the next level, is catering to our fans and street team network. We do everything we can to make each and every event, not only a great concert, but an overall great experience for street team volunteers and our artists.

If you are interested in our services send an email with intent to info@blackspymarketing.com