Street Team

Thanks for your interest in joining our team. We’re always looking for outgoing, reliable individuals to promote local shows and events in their community. We appreciate your dedication and contributions to the scenes growth and will compensate your hard work with guest list spots, backstage passes, meet n greets and other perks.


Passing out handbills at like-minded shows is a great way to spread the word. Interaction and word of mouth are crucial to the development of national touring bands. If your local record store or other cool retail stores have handbill displays, you can leave some there. We ask that you don’t waste material as they cost $$ to print and ship to you, so use discretion when passing out handbills.


Hanging posters in central parts of town and high traffic areas are important! Target locations include bars, restaurants, coffee shops, sandwich stores, music/record stores, lifestyle stores, dispensaries, head shops, college campus and community billboards). DO NOT hang posters on private property or locations that don’t have a long shelf life. Ask the store owner nicely if you can put them up in the front window. Please also ensure posters are on display at the venue. If you’re in a band rolling into town for the first time, where would you see posters up?


Social media is a great way to encourage promotions through blogs, message boards, email and social media outlets. Join & promote on social groups such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yahoo and other various groups where people connect. Please invite your local network to the Facebook event. UPLOAD the poster and TAG the band(s), venue and Blackspy Marketing on your timeline and other like-minded pages (local venues and hang outs, radio stations, band pages, head shops, clothing stores, music journalists, lifestyle stores, etc.


Join our mailing list for the tour announcements, festivals, ticket contests and more.


Fill out the street team application to get involved. If you have any other ideas or suggestions on ways to help promote events, please let us know.

Thanks for your support and interest in our grassroots movement!